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UniVRse Interactive Sdn Bhd presents Hajjverse, an extraordinary technological breakthrough that revolutionizes the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage experience. Step into a world of convenience and virtual immersion as we bring the power of AI-driven metaverse to congregations worldwide.

Discover the transformative capabilities of our advanced platform, designed to enhance your spiritual journey in ways unimaginable. Introducing the Mutawwif, an intelligent virtual guide, ready to answer all your queries, provide invaluable insights, and offer guidance throughout your Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage.

With UniVRse Interactive, the limitations of time and physical presence are overcome. Journey through the holy sites, engage in rituals, and seek blessings with unprecedented accessibility and convenience. Immerse yourself in a virtual experience that transcends borders, bringing the sacred pilgrimage right to your fingertips.

Leave no question unanswered, as the Mutawwif AI guide understands and addresses your every need. From accommodation arrangements to ritual instructions, from historical knowledge to spiritual reflections, Hajjverse ensures that your pilgrimage is not only convenient but also deeply enriching.

Experience the serenity and spirituality of the Hajj and Umrah like never before. Let UniVRse Interactive redefine your pilgrimage, empowering you with the tools to connect with your faith, your fellow pilgrims, and the heritage of Islam in novel and meaningful ways.

Embark on a sacred journey with Hajjverse, and unlock the boundless possibilities of a technologically-driven spiritual odyssey. UniVRse Interactive Sdn Bhd welcomes you to a new era of convenience, virtual immersion, and elevated spiritual growth.

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