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The fusion of AI and the metaverse has ushered in a groundbreaking era of business expansion and innovation. In the context of Hajjverse, we leverage AI to enhance user experiences through the implementation of Mutawiff virtual assistants and chatbots.

Mutawiff, our AI-powered virtual assistants, are designed to engage with users and deliver helpful information. For instance, if a user is unsure about what to eat in Makkah, they can easily consult the Mutawiff by either typing their query or utilizing the voice input feature. The Mutawiff promptly responds with a solution and provides the user with relevant suggestions.

Through the integration of AI-powered Mutawiff virtual assistants into Hajjverse, our primary objective is to optimize and elevate the entire pilgrimage experience. These intelligent virtual assistants serve as invaluable tools that empower users to effortlessly seek guidance and receive immediate, accurate responses. By leveraging this technology, we aim to streamline the pilgrimage journey in Makkah by swiftly addressing queries and providing valuable assistance at every step. Users can rely on Mutawiff to navigate any challenges they encounter, ensuring a seamless and enriched pilgrimage experience.

According to the encyclopaedia: The term “Mutawiff” is derived from the Arabic word “Mutawwif,” which refers the one who leads the ṭawāf. The term “Mutawiff” mean also guide or supervisor who assists and facilitates the Hajj pilgrimage for individuals or groups.

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